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A number of luxury fashion names you should be aware of

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A number of luxury fashion names you should be aware of

Whenever men and women think of fashion, they usually think of Paris, maybe London or perhaps (if you have to) New York. However, there’s a completely other market that is quickly growing, exhibited by Arabic fashion shows, presenting some of the best fashion companies in the country. They’re improving in recognition and are becoming commercially important brand names to know. It is not the very first occasion that an Arab brand name has actually made an impact in the luxury industry, but there are a lot more of them achieving news interest that they are definitely worth examining. Its fashion consequently being ahead of the tastes is essential. Here are the men and women behind some appealing brands that it's well worth looking at.

Arguably one of the best fashion companies in the region is managed by Wissam Al Mana - and his brothers. Initially from the Middle East, he was lucky enough to set up his fashion occupation in one of the most trendy areas in London. From there, his family corporation owns some of the significant shops in the GCC area. It’s thought to be one of the best companies to work for in fashion, especially for this area, as spending in the luxury sector is rapidly increasing. As an individual he also benefits a lot of press attention due to his monetary achievements.

Somebody who has changed the classic Muslim dress, the Abaya is Lamya Abedin - . She has featured her designs at the Arab fashion week 2017. Her label’s styles are influenced by a pack of cards, intending to add colour to a black and white illustration. She states this is highly representative of Arab style, especially for those who cover up. She offers a luxury brand’s clothing, using lavish textiles and intricate designs for her garments. Regardless of not having any official classes in fashion, she recounts how she was interested in apparel from a young age and developed her own personal sense of style which is clearly replicated in her designs.

A fashion designer who is worth looking at is Aiisha Ramadan - . Initially from Lebanon, she has set up her own brand with a trustworthy guide in the region. It is a key luxury fashion name to remember, as she is also being used as the face of a notable cosmetic brand as their spokesperson for the region. She’s also keenly observing how the best fashion companies in the Arab area are starting to acquire more attention, and how these brands are going to change people’s views of the region. She argues it is recommended that the area is cautious in how it signifies itself through fashion.

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