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The benefits of art and culture

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The benefits of art and culture

The arts are a very powerful way of linking you with your senses, body and mind. It can lead to involvement and can touch people all over the world. Many of us can connect to the feeling of being moved by art regardless of whether it's a song, artwork or novel. There is an expression that a picture paints 1,000 words. When we are touched, we are moved and sent to a place where we enjoy emotions that we probably won't have sensed before. Carry on reading to learn about the benefit of artwork in our lives, and means in which we can go on to support such a movement.

Painters looking to give back to society in their very own way can give artwork instead of a monetary donation. For a great deal of people this is a lot more personal and special being able to draw or paint something that will benefit causes close to your heart. It is also a great way of creating a positive relationship with the local neighbourhood and gaining direct exposure to potential art buyers. Interestingly, Professor Semir Zeki - performed a study showing that when an individual visits an art gallery or an event, it stimulates an immediate release of the chemical dopamine. This results in feelings of love and pleasure, and also can help to improve our thinking and empathy.

Arts are critical to our humanity, they both stimulate us and lead to creative imagination allowing us to showcase our values and establish links between many ethnicities. Giving to art galleries is a very good way of helping to preserve and teach the present and future generations on the history of the art world. An illustration of this is Eyal Ofer - who through donating a generous amount of money has helped one of Britain’s most celebrated art galleries come to be one step nearer to raising the money it really needs to finance its exhibition space. Charitable donations such as these make it possible for tourists from around the Great Britain and abroad to access and learn all about up-to-the-minute art.

For many countries, arts drive a great deal of tourism helping to fuel state economies as well as providing education ventures for the young. The truth is, studies have revealed that being exposed to arts from a young age helps to build confidence and discipline in children giving them a greater chance of success in later life. It's excellent how art can be a powerful shaper of one’s character and is able to stir emotions inside of us and inspire our actions. You might wish to think about becoming a volunteer like Jane Glassman and help out at art galleries on the weekends or even become a part of an arts advisory council.

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